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30+ Foods That You Can Keep In Your Freezer!

I never used my freezer for anything but ice, meats, frozen vegetables, and occasionally popsicles and ice cream. Those are supposed to stay frozen, so there was no question if I should put anything else in there. I mean, who stores anything edible next to raw meat? Apparently, a lot of people. I’ve made so many foods last so much longer just by sticking them in the freezer! I never knew there were so many food items that I could freeze. It’s amazing.

Brownies, cookies, cupcakes, cake, granola, and pies (before you bake them) can all be frozen in your freezer! Put them in resealable bags or air-tight containers to prevent freezer burn.  All of these desserts and goodies can be frozen and kept for several months without declining in taste or texture. For breads, buns, muffins, and rolls, double bag them to prevent freezer burn and they should last you several months, too.

Along with baked goods, you can even freeze the ingredients you use to make these treats! Chocolate, nuts, flour, and sugar can all be frozen! It’s useful to freeze flour and sugar if your house is humid to prevent the ingredients from clumping together.

6.19fCheeses – this includes blocked and cream – can be frozen to be eaten later! If you don’t slice it before you freeze it, it will start to crumble, but will still taste as delicious. Milk, yogurt, and butter can all be frozen, too! Just remember that liquids expand – when storing liquids, allow for extra space.

Fruits can be frozen to keep them for longer! They get mushy if you plan to eat them alone, so i freeze mine and pop them in a smoothie. Since they’re frozen, I don’t have to add as much ice! Jams, jellies, bananas, and all berries are great to freeze, too! When a recipe calls for them, just take them out of the freezer and it saves a trip to the store!


Herbs can all be frozen for easy storage – I had trouble finding a bundle of cilantro that somehow ended up shoved to the back of the fridge! Either store them in ice cube trays with oil for easy cooking, of just toss them in a bag and stick them in the freezer! This works well with fresh ginger too because all you need to do it grate it when you’re ready to use it. Vegetables are great to store this way too! There’s no need to buy the frozen bags when you can just freeze them yourself!

6.19eYou can store full meals in the freezer and just thaw them out when you’re ready to eat! This is a great idea because you can make a double batch of dinner and then freeze half of it for a night when you just aren’t up to cooking. Soups and stews are easy to store – choose a resealable bag and portion out a single serving of soup. Once you seal it, lay it flat in the freezer. You can stack a ton of single servings of soup that take up almost no space! Just slide the frozen stew out of the bag when you’re ready and heat it up for a quick meal!

You can freeze casseroles, too! Literally anything. Make sure it’s fully cooked before you freeze it. Once you defrost it, bake it as normal and serve! Easy. You can also freeze cooked meat in the freezer for an easy addition to a meal you’re making. Just defrost it and toss it into the pot! Shredded meat, ground meat, and cooked steaks can all be frozen and thawed out quickly! They taste just as good as the day you put them in!

Using your freezer to store food is a great way to keep it fresh and from spoiling quickly. Once I started storing whole meals, the “waiting game” to see who would eat which leftovers vanished almost over night! I love this idea and it has saved many a spoiled ingredient in my kitchen!

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