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2 Signs You May Be Losing Your Hair

There’s nothing funny when you see middle-aged men with receding hair line because hair loss is a reality that can strike anyone regardless of age and gender. There’s no long list of symptoms for this occurrence, only the physical loss of hair. These signs will help you deal with hair loss before it gets out of control.

hair loss maleThe tell-tale signs for men
One obvious sign of hair loss for men is the receding line on the forehead area as well as on top of the head. These are the two main regions that men should watch out. The change won’t be that obvious at first, but your friends would soon notice this before you even recognize what’s happening.

The receding line in front is called “widow’s peak,” and you can compare your hair now with your old pictures to see the difference. There are also some parts of your hair that gradually thin out, and this is prominent in the top-middle portion. Check this part and feel any gap in your scalp. The area that shows more scalp is an indication of hair loss and possible baldness.




hair loss female brush

The early symptom for women
Hair loss for women is different than men’s. The receding hairline on the forehead of men and baldness is a rare case. However, the early symptom is hair thinning found in different parts of the scalp and at the crown. And since women have long hair, it’s hard to detect the regions where the thinning happens.

Take notice when you comb your hair and check the volume that the brush gathers. Also when you take a bath, observe the clumps of hair stuck on the drain. Keep an eye on this to know if your hair is getting thinner as the days pass.


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