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12 Things Some Moms Lie About At Least Once

Some moms resort to lying when their kids get wild and uncontrollable. This is their way to keep things under control. Call them white lies or not, but these things moms trick their children into keep everyone’s sanity in check.

batteries1. Toys. The usual trickery happens when you say there’s no battery replacement for the toy they like and your kids will sadly place it back on the shelf.

2. Restaurants. How do you explain to your child that you’re going out with Daddy for dinner? It’s “I’m sorry, honey, but children aren’t allowed in that place” or “the waiter is a bad person who’ll make you eat different things, dear”. Everyone knows this isn’t totally the case except your kid.

3. Arcade. The arcade is already closed after 6 PM. The same goes with the bowling alley, movie house, and mall.

4. Unicorns. Little girls will do everything just to see a real unicorn, but they can only see it when they’re following what Mommy says.

5. Sweets. Kids can sense a sweet and delicious brownie from a far, but you put a halt to that by telling them it’s a protein bar that is made of weird vegetables. After that, they turn away.



6. Babies. How do you explain where babies come from? Simple—from the internet, and baby sisters also come from there.

7. Plushy. When your kid wants the stuffed animal from the store and you don’t know how to control their urge, just say you can’t take it out of the store because its family will become sad.

8. Lunch food. The lunch lady knows when you don’t eat your sandwich and calls Mommy at work.

tooth fairy pillow9. Tooth fairy. Oh, the Tooth Fairy didn’t give you a dollar last night? She might have been pretty busy visiting other children from different places. I’m sure she’ll be in our neighborhood tonight.

10. Pets. We can’t have a cat right now because it’s allergic to the tables and chairs that we have. It’s for our safety and for the animal as well.

11. Signs. When you’re at the park and your kid wants to do a lot of things, just point to the sign and tell what it means: “No running, no talking, no screaming.” When they eventually learn how to read, they’ll be mad at you for this.

mom pino nose

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