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12 Bathroom Hacks That Will Change Your Life

The time you spend in the bathroom is most crucial when you’re preparing to go to work. All the items must be within reach and there must be no clutter. Check out our hacks that will make your bathroom both functional and stylish at the same time.

bathroom spice rack



1. Keep the bathroom sink looking clean by hanging your shampoo, lotion, and other products on spice racks.




2. After every bath, set the shower curtains in the middle to free both ends. This will let the air flow freely and dry up the area.

bathroom hair dryer


3. No place to store the hair dryer? Get a magazine holder and screw it on the back of a cabinet. Now you have an instant solution.




4. Remove the wrinkles from your clothes without using an iron. Simply place it inside the bathroom as you take a shower. The steam will take care of it.

5. Keep the shower curtain steady with the help of shampoo bottles. Set the ends of the curtain on the tub and place the bottles on top.


6. Instead of using towel rods, try going with coat hooks. You can hang more towels at once.

bathroom magnet


7. Place a magnetic strip behind cabinet doors for your tweezers and bobby pins. Finally, there’s something to keep those items from getting lost.



8. A second shower curtain on top of the tub can become an extra storage space. Use it to hang plastic baskets for you shower supplies.

9. Need more storage space in the bathroom? Place a bookshelf that fits perfectly on top of the door.

10. Go for a simple yet fancy look with a plate holder on top of the counter. It’s a clever way to store shampoo and soap for your guests.

11. If you like listening to music in the shower to pump up your day, place you phone in the sink for a nice amplifier. Just be sure it won’t get wet.

bathroom rolled towels



12. Don’t fold your towels like a hanky; roll them up for a fresh and clean feeling.




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