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11 Things Only Sisters Understand

sisters backSisters are like mirror images that see the best and worst in each other. They can be lovely and scary at times, but nothing compares to the bond that they have.

1. Sisters don’t necessarily have to like each other, but they will be the first to show up when the other is calling for help.

2. When the talk at home is about politically incorrect things parents say, sisters will share the same sentiment and will team up to get their point across.

3. A mutual understanding exists between sisters on how dysfunctional their family can be. That’s how they admit the problems they face every day.

sisters blonde brunette4. Although sisters grew up wearing the same style and color of clothes, someone had called out that she wants all of her stuff pink, yellow, or blue. The line has to be drawn to create a distinction.

5. It’s embarrassing when relatives see the old pictures of sisters wearing the same dresses, but all they can do is to laugh it out and point to these funny things.

6. Only sisters know what the other one wants for her birthday. Although the other knows what she’s going to receive, the reaction after seeing the present is still priceless.

7. The constant comparisons between sisters will never end, but they don’t mind this because they know that their traits and characteristics are all unique.




8. Some of the items of the older sister will eventually be given to the younger one. That’s a benefit that the younger sister always enjoys.

sisters flowers9. There has to be someone who’s cooler and quirkier. Although things can get annoying because of the different attitudes, sisters know how to tone it down.

10. When there’s an upcoming event, sisters will tell you exactly how one should look. They will tell it straight that things aren’t working, and they’ll find a fix for that.

11. Family vacations are sometimes unbearable, and sisters understands how difficult it is. They’ll do what it takes to turn it upside down.

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